Game Controller for Your Exercise Equipment


The setup instructions reflect CEC_KIT_PC.

CEC_KIT_LITE_PC (LITE version) does not include a joystick. The controller provides pedaling feedback (forward only). Use a secondary mouse or keyboard to steer your character in the game.


Following in-game controls are provided:

  • Change camera view/change direction when walking: move joystick knob up/down/left/right (with "C" button released)
  • Move forward: pedal forward. Depending on your pedaling speed your character will walk or run. Run button is activated when pedaling at the top speed.
  • Move backward: pedal backward
  • Slide Left/Right: move joystick knob left/right (with "C" button pressed)

Using the setup utility configure Cyber ExerCycle to KEYBOARD and MOUSE MODE (follow the link for more details).

Using the setup utility configure Cyber ExerCycle LITE to KEYBOARD MODE (follow the link for more details).

Close the setup program.

Start the game.

When starting the game for the first time, please follow ingame Entropia Universe tutorials. After few minutes of gameplay you will be able to leave the initial area and start you play using Cyber ExerCylcle. You need to do this only once. You can customize keyboard controls when you leave the initial area.

When playing, press Q key within the game to togle into the running mode. Also press left ALT to toggle into Aim Mode to allow you direct the movement with the joystick.

To play, run around and enjoy the rich environment of the Entropia Universe.

Depending on your computer, you can improve the visual effects by adjusting quality and speed settings (see preferences, graphics options).

Universal Timer Ltd is not responsible for content of the games. Please contact respective game manufacturer for game support.