Game Controller for Your Exercise Equipment


The setup instructions reflect CEC_KIT_PC.


Following in-game controls are provided:

  • Steer Left: move joystick knob left
  • Steer Right: move joystick knob right
  • Accelerate: pedal forward
  • Brake: "Z" button
  • Nitro: move joystick knob forward (with "C" button released)
  • Handbrake: move joystick knob backward (with "C" button released)
  • Accelerate (bypassing speed sensor): press "C" button and move joystick knob forward.
  • Other functions are provided, please review JOYSTICK MODE.

Using the setup utility configure Cyber ExerCycle to JOYSTICK MODE (follow the link for more details).

Close the setup program.

Start the game. Re-configure the game controls in the game option menu assigning the functions as shown above. This needs to be only once.

You can enter free roam mode from the main menu (CTRL R keyboard key). It allows you to freely explore the roads.

Game configuration for reference only.

Universal Timer Ltd is not responsible for content of the games. Please contact respective game manufacturer for game support.