Game Controller for Your Exercise Equipment


The setup instructions reflect CEC_KIT_PC and CEC_KIT_LITE_PC.

Cyber ExerCycle controller provides pedaling feedback only.

NetAthlon 2XF

Using the setup utility configure Cyber ExerCycle to NETATHLON MODE (follow the link for more details).

Using the setup utility configure Cyber ExerCycle LITE to JOYSTICK/ETATHLON MODE (follow the link for more details).

Close the setup program.

You can use the joystick (CEC_KIT_PC only) to navigate the setup menus in the game (emulates mouse, Z and C buttons emulate left and right mouse buttons). This allows you to control the game without leaving the bike.

Once racing, following in-game controls are provided:

  • Accelerate: pedal forward

The pedaling speed is proportional to the speed in the game.

Additional on-screen bike speed adjustments

You can use a third party application to adjust the slope of the joystick control (optional).  This can be used to fine tune the on-screen bike speed.

Download the third party application (includes 32bit and 64bit versions)

The application is called DXTweak 2.  Adjust the Y-axis as per the picture below. 

DXTweak 2

To reduce on screen bike speed use Min = "-64" (note the minus sign) and Max = "319".
For greater effect you can use more drastic values such as Min = "-96" and Max = "351".

Click on APPLY button.

The cycling speed will be reduced when you run the game (you only need to run the application once). Press Axis Defaults and Apply to restore original settings.

Configuring and Running NetAthlon 2XF

Start the game. Configure the game controls as per the screen below:

NetAthlon 2 Setup

Game configuration for reference only.

Universal Timer Ltd is not responsible for content of the games. Please contact respective game manufacturer for game support.

DXTweak 2 is provided by Universal Timer Ltd does not offer any waranty or support for this application.