Game Controller for Your Exercise Equipment


  • Connect Cyber ExerCycle controller to the PC.
  • Start the setup utility.
  • Click on the CONNECT button.
  • Set the maximum speed to define your exercise effort (how fast do you need to pedal in RPM - revolutions per minute). For example, if you set the maximum speed to 40rpm, your pedaling speed of 3/4 of maximum speed will activate the keyboard output. 40 is the easiest, 185 is the hardest setting.
  • Pedaling forward above the set speed activates '=' key. In some games this can be used as boost or running feature.
  • Click on the KEY and Mouse MODE button to save the new settings.
  • Close the setup program.

The setup instructions reflect CEC_KIT_PC.

Cyber ExerCycle Setup Utility

Keyboard and Mouse Mode provides the following controls:

Cyber ExerCycle Keyboard and Mouse Mode Controls

Cyber ExerCycle Keyboard and Mouse Mode Controls

Please note; it takes a minimum of 1 full crank rotation to update the controller output. Constant pedaling will create constant output.

In keyboard and mouse mode,the controller can be configured to output a character each time there is a full rotation of the cranks (similar to Raw Feedback Mode). This feature can be used in such games as Trial Of Trials.

Follow the steps below:

  • You also need to attach the sensor in the opposite direction (it is attached
    with Velcro so switching it around should not be a problem).
  • With the sensor reversed the controller generates DOWN key as you pedal forward.  It generates one key press per rotation. 
  • Playing other games such as Skyrim, will require rotating the sensor in the "normal" position.

You can use the joyctick to move the cursor on the screen. Pressing Z button activates activate left mouse button.  Pressing C+Z sends ENTER character. It can be used for in-game controls and menus.