Game Controller for Your Exercise Equipment


  • Connect Cyber ExerCycle controller to the PC.
  • Start the LITE setup utility.
  • Click on the CONNECT button.
  • Set the maximum speed to define your exercise effort (how fast do you need to pedal in RPM - revolutions per minute). For example, if you set the maximum speed to 40rpm, your pedaling speed of 3/4 of maximum speed will activate the keyboard output. 10 is the easiest, 185 is the hardest setting.
  • Pedaling forward above the set speed activates '=' key. In some games this can be used as boost or running feature. (Keyboard Boost Mode only)
  • Click on the KEYBOARD MODE or KEYBOARD BOOST MODE button to save the new settings.
  • Close the setup program.

The setup instructions reflect CEC_KIT_PC_LITE.

CEC_KIT_LITE_PC does not include a joystick. The controller provides pedaling feedback (forward only). In game steering and other controls are done with a secondary game controller or keyboard which require their own configuration.

Cyber ExerCycle Setup Utility

Cyber ExerCycle Setup Utility

Please note; it takes a minimum of 1 full crank rotation to update the controller output. Constant pedaling will create smooth output.

If the boot feature is used for sprinting within the game, make sure that running is enabled (waking modes typically don't support sprinting) - this function will be game specific.