Game Controller for Your Exercise Equipment


  • Connect Cyber ExerCycle controller to the PC.
  • Start the LITE setup utility.
  • Click on the CONNECT button.
  • Set the maximum speed to define your exercise effort (how fast do you need to pedal in RPM - revolutions per minute). For example, if you set the maximum speed to 40rpm, your pedaling speed of 40rpm will fully activate the controller output. 10 is the easiest, 185 is the hardest setting.
  • Click on the VIDEO PLAYER MODE button to save the new settings.
  • Close the setup program.

The setup instructions reflect CEC_KIT_PC_LITE.

This mode is NOT supported on CEC_KIT_PC.

Cyber ExerCycle Setup Utility

The Video Player Mode is used to control playback speed of a VLC Video Player on a PC. A free copy of the player is available for download. This mode of operation is ONLY supported by CEC_KIT_PC_LITE.

VLC Player - Cycber ExerCycle

All you need to do is start video playback of a race video and feel that you pedal through a city streets or through a countryside. You can use the video player with any other content that you prefer.

As you pedal forward and increase the pedaling speed to reach the MAXIMUM RPM SPEED, the player will increase its playback speed to reach normal playback. If you slow down the pedaling speed, controller will decrease the playback speed. The adjustments are done in approx 10 steps. The controller uses F9 key to increase playback an F7 to decrease playback speed.

We currently don't provide content for playback. However there is a large number of free youtube videos (you can download them using many utilities such as Free YouTube Downloader). There is also lots of paid content that can be used for training. Just google "Indoor Trainer Workout".

You need to reconfigure default HotKeys (through Preferences) so that the functions are compatible with our controller. You need to do this only once. Once you change the settings, please close and restart VLC Player. You need to re-configure Faster(fine) to F9 and Slower (fine) F7 actions. See configuration screens below.

VLC Player Preferences

VLC Player Faster (fine)

VLC Player Slower (fine)

Please note; it takes a minimum of 1 full crank rotation to update the controller output. Constant pedaling will create smooth output.

The smoothness of speed adjustment depends on the quality of the video, codec used, compression type, and how well your computer can playback video. You may need to install additional codecs to provide payback support of multiple video formats.